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Freedom Ranch Animal Sanctuary is a recognized 501(c)3 organization located in Kittrell, NC. Compared to dog and cat rescue organizations, there exists few organizations that take in farm animals. Freedom Ranch Animal Sanctuary was created to address this gap while also providing a safe, loving environment for animals who may have come from unfortunate situations. 

We believe in a holistic approach and recognize the importance that the human-animal bond holds with both species. Animals heal us and we have the power to heal animals who need us. We understand that life happens and families find themselves in situations where they either need assistance with keeping their beloved animal companions or who are no longer able to care for them as they intended. 

Freedom Ranch Animal Sanctuary saves animals, educates our communities, helps families find resources to maintain safe and loving homes for their animal companions, and works with other nonprofits and socially-good organizations to promote the well-being of ALL.

About Freedom Ranch Animal Sanctuary

People who love animals

Freedom Ranch provides temporary and permanent housing for animals without safe homes and animals who have been neglected or abused. Your contributions allow animals to reside in a safe environment until they have been matched with a permanent residence or to live the remainder of their lives as permanent Freedom Ranch residents.

Our mission has several goals:

1) Provide  safe housing for animals that have been abused, lost, neglected or abandoned;

2) Provide appropriate veterinary care for all animal residents served by the organization;

3) Support and link qualified families with the appropriate resources to help maintain safe housing and proper care for their animal family members;

4) Work with other nonprofits and socially-good organizations to promote the well-being of all, following a holistic approach to promote safe, healthy, and sustainable communities;

5) Promote, educate, sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote safe and loving housing for all animals.

Freedom Ranch is a charitable organization dedicated to helping animals in need and building stronger communities.


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